Detergent residues left in carpets can foam up, causing costly delays. BUBBLE BUSTER POWDER defoamer prevents foam from developing on carpet and stops foam build-up in your hose and recovery tank and it doesn't cake of clump up. It dissolves easily in water for complete extraction. Plus, it's odorless and won't spot on the carpet.

Using Bubble Buster Defoamer will save you time and labor. A single application does the trick. There's no time wasted applying more defoamer, removing the hose from the wand, or cleaning up after a leaky spray bottle. With its high concentration, a few tablespoons of Bubble Buster Powder per 100 square feet of carpet is all you need to stop foam and keep it away. May be sprinkled on carpet or put into the tank.

Dilution: 1/2 cup in the recovery tank

SDS Sheet