SPIN CYCLE will leave no measurable residue behind. When Spin Cycle is used, there's less re-soiling so carpet appearance is dazzling! This also means you can apply post-cleaning topical treatments (like anti-static sprays and protectors) almost immediately.

For bonnet and interim cleaning of loop pile carpet, Spin Cycle will do the job. This product saves both time and labor; it helps maintain appearance and saves your back, because cleaning can be performed at the rate of 2,000 to 4,000 square feet per hour. Non-residual Spin Cycle dries quickly, and leaves nothing behind. Spin Cycle contains water soluble solvents that power through the toughest dirt - even tough ones like coffee, tea, soda, light inks, greases, oils and tar.

PH: 11

Dilution:1:25 or 5.5oz to a Gallon

SDS Sheet