• The Mini-Shark


    • Brush Length: 9''
    • Professional Quality: Other tools wear out after a single use. This tool cleans better and lasts longer
    • Advanced Bristles: The tough bristles give you more scrubbing power and they work like new, time and time again.
    • Compatible: Some brushes are only designed for specific uses this tool will clean virtually anything and everything
    • Advanced Design: The ergonomic handle is designed for ease of use and provides the perfect spot to rest your thumb to apply pressure when needed. The triangular shaped head cleans more surface in less time
    • Pointed End: Most brushes are aligned straight up and down. This one has an outward angle at the tip to make it easy to clean all the way to the edge, deep into corners, and inside any tight areas
    • Powerful: Why settle for a tool that forces you to use way more energy? This one does most of the work for you so the toughest grime is still easy to remove